Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bicton Baths

Swan River shore dive.

  • Rating Easy.
  • Depth 10m.
  • Viz 4m or less (can be 50cm if silt is stirred up).
  • Access Easy.
Blackwall Reach Parade (near the corner of Braunton Street)
Bicton, Western Australia
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One for the prawn hunters. Often used for training dives.
The Site
Not much to describe. Enter from beach or giant stride from the end of the baths. For many Perth divers this is the spot where they first entered the water with a giant stride. There are exit ladders inside the baths, though you can easily walk up onto the beach.
Toilets, parking and a lawn area to gear up.
Marine Life
Minimal. For a more detailed description of marine life view this blog: Swan River Marine Life.
Always use a dive flag. Beware of boat traffic. Stay out of the channel. Cobbler, striped catfish and western rock cod all have venomous spines, which can cause painful injuries. Currents can be strong and deceptive, check tide times. Keep off the bottom, the silt is very fine and if stirred can reduce your visibility. Be aware of Swan River pollution levels. The WA Health Department advises not to swim in the river for 3 days after rain.
Check river pollution levels here:

Swan River Trust Algal Activity Report
Swan River Trust Current Alerts
WA Health Department Healthy Swimming.

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